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VMI Hi-Tech Fuels

Since 2015, VMI Hi-Tech Fuels have branched into alternative markets and identified that HPCL had the best potential for growth. The Hi-Tech fuels has available facilities for credit customers such as Indent Book, Computer Bill, Manual Bill, SMS alert to owner and Monthly statement.

And it has well Infrastruscture facilities such as RO Water, Nitrogen Air, Higienic Rest room for Men and Women, Two wheeler Instant oil replacement, Kids playground, Wheel chair, etc.

Facilities for Profit Customers

The profit customers are provided with the following available facilities :

  • Intend Book
  • Computer Bill
  • Manual Bill
  • SMS alert to owner
  • Monthly statement

Available facilities

VMI Hi-Tech Fuels has the following available facilities for our customers :

  • RO Water
  • Nitrogen Air
  • Hygenic rest rooms for Men and Women
  • Two wheeler instant oil replacement
  • Kids Playground
  • Wheel Chain facility


Facilities for customers

VMI Hi-Tech Fuels has available facilities such as RO Water for our customers and Hygienic Rest Rooms available for the customers & Travelers in our location.

Oil replacement and Air

Customers can fill Nitrogen Air and change oil instantly for their vehicles and it has wheel chain facility.

Kids Playground

Kids playground is available for children as travelers get relaxation time for their kids.


All salesman in our place has uniform, ID Card, shoes, etc.

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